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2015 started well with a flurry of brief stories for Fandom Stocking. Then I finished a longer story which I had been writing for the past 5 years. Another longer story resulted from the 2015 FKFicFest. 7 stories in total:

Progress for Brightknightie (844 words, Nick, Tracy)

Reviving History for Cousin Shelley (1386 words, Nick/Lacroix)

Ghost of a Rose for Falcon Horus (848 words, Fleur)

Chance Discovery for Bethskink (1224 words, Schanke, Lacroix/Nick)

Bereaved for Wendymypooh (1486 words, Nick/Nat)

Unusual Allies just for me (12,292 words, Nat, Lacroix, Nick)

A Dozen in a Single Night for Dlyt (8,444 words, Nick, Lacroix, Janette)
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I'm thrilled that we've got 8 requests for Forever Knight this year at [community profile] fandom_stocking.

And quite a variety of factions: I've seen UF, IB, NN, gen and more.

Stuffing is scheduled through January 5. I'll try to put something into each of these stockings, but I cannot promise that I'll be able to meet the deadline. Might end up with a placeholder and the promise of later delivery in some cases.
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[personal profile] brightknightie posted this year's schedule for [community profile] fkficfest. Sign-ups are open from May 21 through June 7. Don't miss this. FKFicFest is the only FOREVER KNIGHT only fiction game and therefore a valuable contribution to increase the pile of Forever Knight fanfiction on the web.

I've noticed an alarming decrease in my own works during the last couple of years. While I wrote the "Evidence" series, the ideas kept flowing in my head. Before writing the last sentences of one story I already had another idea for the next story in my head. This has diminished somewhat. During a recent meeting with other FK fans we've discussed this issue and tried to figure out why that is. I'm glad to report that it's not due to a lack of interest in the show. Instead I think the frequency of watching FK may be a factor. About 10 years ago I've been watching my DVDs far more frequently than nowadays. And this was probably the source of inspiration.

During our recent weekend meeting we watched 6 episodes with the result that inspiration struck and I got a new story idea. :) Now I only need to find the time to write it down.

That is why I value FKFicfest so highly. It guarantees that I get to finish at least one major story per year. Because there is no other choice than to make writing a priority during the two months assigned to the fest.
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2013 started with a bunch of mostly shorter stories I wrote for [community profile] fandom_stocking 2012/2013:

Moving On
for [personal profile] brightknightie
2413 words, G
After the events of "Only the Lonely", Natalie returns from her vacation in the desert.

End of the World
for [personal profile] enviropony
1180 words, PG-13
The Nightcrawler contemplates the '2012 phenomenon'.

Lethal Favours
for [personal profile] skieswideopen
5260 words, PG-13
When a murder victim is linked to the Raven, the secret of the Community is at stake.

For FKCommentfic 2012 I wrote:

for [personal profile] foxy11814
1100 words, PG-13
Lacroix discovers that a master vampire has taken a very keen interest in Nick. He isn't having it.

Mutual Concerns
for [personal profile] amilyn
300 words, G
A time Nat and Lacroix spoke that Nick never Knew about.

My contribution to [community profile] fkficfest 2013 was:

Knight on Duty
for [profile] vorpalblades
7700 words, PG-13
Traveling changed dramatically over 800 years.

So all 6 works completed in 2013 were answers to requests. I did, however, get a good portion written on my work in progress, which I hope to complete in 2014. I've been writing this gen story featuring Natalie and Lacroix for a couple of years now and it just needs the showdown and some sorting out.

Another WIP is a hommage of my hometown which celebrates it's 800th anniversary this year. It will feature Nick, Lacroix and Janette in a flashback.

And a more recent and pressing WIP is a contribution to [community profile] fandom_stocking 2013/2014, which I owe [personal profile] skieswideopen. This story will feature Nick and Janette.
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The stories for this year's FKFicFest are released on AO3. I received a wonderful Nick/Lacroix story, written from Lacroix's prospective: Never Saw this World Before.

My own story Knight on Duty" released today.

Make sure you read all stories in the collection. They're all wonderful, ranging from 13th century to 50 years post-Last Knight.
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First of all, I appreciate anything that is written for me in general. If you want to customize a story according to my preferences, below is a little guidance that may point you in the right direction.

Main Fandom: Forever Knight

Other interests (although not active in fandom): Murdoch Mysteries, Lucifer, Forever, Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Highlander, Castle, Rookie Blue, Star Trek (TOS, TNG), LEXX

Oddly I have a fondness for villains if they are intelligent and deadly charming like Lacroix in Forever Knight, Damon in Vampire Diaries, Malcom Merlyn in Arrow, or Prince in LEXX.



Favourite characters: Nick, Lacroix, Schanke, Janette

Favourite guest-characters: Seline (A More Permanent Hell), Miklos, Grace, Fleur (Be My Valentine)

Favourite factions: UF (Nick/Lacroix), DarkNN (Nick/Nat), Val (Lacroix/Natalie), IB (Nick/Janette). In addition, I like gen stories equally well.

Favourite season: Season 2 (although a lot of my favourite episodes are in season 3)

Favourite episode: Night in Question

Favourite Captain: Amanda Cohen

Story structure: I like episode-like stories, case-fic, romance, flashbacks. I think canon is important as a starting point, but I don't mind if the story diverges from canon in a plausible way.

Characters: Since Nick and Lacroix are my favourite characters, I like stories focused on them, or either of them. I'm not so fond of stories focusing on minor characters.

Nick: I'm thrilled when Nick embraces his vampiric side. I like him dark and seductive and using his powers, but also angsty and regretful in the aftermath of any slips. Nick regaining his mortality would be a disaster and utterly frustrating. Nick returning to Lacroix's side would be my interpretation of a happy ending. In Lacroix's words, "Nick's so-called condition is the very quality in him that I adore".

Lacroix: There's a reason behind all his actions and it usually involves Nick. I enjoy Nightcrawler monologues very much. Regarding his relationship with Nick, I accept it in all its aspects, i.e. father/son, lovers (consensual, not abusive), sire/protégé or just friends.

Nick's partners:
I prefer Schanke, but I enjoy reading about Tracy as well if a season 3 setting is required. I like scenarios where Nick's partner figures out the truth (of course not in every story).

Likes: Plot, humour, witty dialogue, Nick's secret on the verge of being discovered, reconciliation between Nick and Lacroix, vampire eroticism, Nightcrawler monologues

Dislikes: I avoid reading about rape, spiritual struggles, major character death, people acting out of character, AU, graphic violence, supernatural creatures other than those established in canon, Nick becoming mortal (unless temporary), depressive Nick

Rating: No preference

Crossovers: I don't read crossovers. Within the FK universe all the other TV shows I've listed are TV shows and not "real". The only crossover I could imagine and might be interesting to read is FK / Murdoch Mysteries or Forever Knight / Forever.


Favourite characters: Chief Constable Giles, Detective William Murdoch, Constable Crabtree, Inspector Brackenreid, James Pendrick
Favourite relationships: Giles/other male character, Murdoch/Anna (I think Murdoch/Dr. Ogden bears disaster)
Story structure: case-fic that involves Giles. I've always been thrilled when Giles appeared in any episode. But with what was recently disclosed in season 8, I love him even more.

Favourite characters: Damon, Elijah
Favourite relationships: Damon/female character

Favourite characters: Lucifer, Maze, Dr. Linda Martin, the Coroner
Favourite relationships: Lucifer/Chloe, Maze/Dr. Linda Martin

Favourite characters: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, Malcom Merlyn, Walter Steele
Favourite relationships: Oliver/Felicity, Malcom/Moira

Favourite characters: Dov Epstein, Tracy Nash, Sam Swarek,
Favourite relationships: Gen

Favourite characters: Prince, Kai
Favourite relationships: Anything involving Prince

Favourite characters: Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty
Favourite relationships: Gen

Favourite characters: Picard, Riker, Q
Favourite relationships: Riker/Troi

Favourite characters: Duncan, Amanda, Methos, Hugh Fitzcairn
Favourite relationships: Duncan/Amanda
Favourite episodes: The Stone of Scone, Unusual Suspects

Favourite characters: Castle, Martha
Favourite relationships: Gen

Favourite characters: Dr. Henry Morgan, Abe
Favourite relationships: Gen
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[livejournal.com profile] fkficfest / [community profile] fkficfest sign-ups are open through May 17. This is the FOREVER KNIGHT-only Ficathon. Anyone who enjoys writing FK should participate. Prompts will be sent out on May 20 and stories are due on July 27. For further details visit the community on LJ or DW.

I have decided on my prompts so far, although I'm still a little uncertain about one of them. The problem is that the moment I thought about this particular prompt, a story idea came to mind. Now, should I keep the prompt to myself and write the story or should I use it in the game? Of course, I can still write the story and use the prompt in the game. It might be interesting to have the same prompt tackled by two authors. But there's always the danger that the story I have in mind is too close to the one I will receive. On the other hand, among the 3 prompts, this one is probably the least likely to get picked. But who knows...

There's still some time until sign-ups close, so I will contemplate on this a little further. If I can't think of another prompt, I will use this one.

In preparation to the game, and because I felt like it, I started to re-watch all episodes again. I'm currently in season 2, and with this season, I try out the order in which they aired during the CBS premiere instead of the production order on the DVD. I've been told it would provide a different perspective on the relationship between the characters. While I found this to be true for the relationship between Nick and Natalie and Nick and Janette, I'm not so sure how Lacroix fits into all this. I find the production order makes more sense where Lacroix is concerned. For example, I've always assumed that Capital Offense features the first Nightcrawler broadcast after Lacroix's return, however, the "aired" order would make Father's Day the first episode in which the Nightcrawler appears. Also, the "aired" order places Bad Blood later in the season while this episode is No. 4 on the DVDs. The latter makes more sense to me because of Nick's statement when he discovers Lacroix at the Raven ("a new place to hide"). He shouldn't be so surprised when he has already sought him out at CERK during Father's Day which comes earlier in the "aired" order.

Anyway, it is interesting to watch them in this order for a change.
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With Easter almost around the corner, I thought it's about time to point out [community profile] fandom_stocking, in which I participated for the first time this year. And it was great fun.

In addition to several New Year's wishes, I received:


Relocation Therapy
by Brightknightie
626 words, G
A tag to the "Black Buddha" episodes.

Coercive Power
by Argentum_ls (LadySilver)
838 words, G
LaCroix has some words for Nick over Nick's handling of a case.

With a Gift, I Reach For You
by Merfilly
165 words, G
Yet another take on the ending of "Last Knight"


A Wallpaper of Damon Salvatore
by Tarlanx

My own contributions were:

Moving On
for Brightknightie
2413 words, G
After the events of "Only the Lonely", Natalie returns from her vacation in the desert.

End of the World
for Enviropony
1180 words, PG-13
The Nightcrawler contemplates the '2012 phenomenon'.

Lethal Favours
for Skieswideopen
5260 words, PG-13
When a murder victim is linked to the Raven, the secret of the Community is at stake.
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In 2012 I didn't write as much as in previous years. I completed and posted 3 stories (2 were written for ficathons I participated in):

Sealing Relations
9,000 words, Natalie/Lacroix, NC-17
The concluding part of my Nat/Lacroix trilogy, which is a continuation of my 10-part Evidence Series featuring Nick/Lacroix.
Summary: Nick's appearance causes a strain on Natalie's relationship with Lacroix.

8,000 words, Nick/Lacroix, PG-13
Written for [livejournal.com profile] foxy11814 on behalf of [livejournal.com profile] oldschoolfic Springtime ficathon
Summary: Memories of Francesca trigger suppressed desires in Nick.

11,800 words, Nick/Nat, PG-13
Written for [livejournal.com profile] foxy11814 on behalf of [livejournal.com profile] fkficfest 2012
Summary: When Nick has to take a fledgling, he finally understands why Lacroix never gave up on him and that he needs his father more than ever.

In addition, I wrote 2 short pieces for [livejournal.com profile] fkcommentfic 2012:

1,100 words, Nick/Lacroix, PG-13
Written for [livejournal.com profile] foxy11814 for her prompt on [livejournal.com profile] fkcommentfic 2012
Summary: Lacroix discovers that a master vampire has taken a very keen interest in Nick. He isn't having it.

Mutual Concerns
300 words, Gen, Nat, Lacroix, G
Written for [livejournal.com profile] amilyn for her prompt on [livejournal.com profile] fkcommentfic 2012
Summary: A time Nat and Lacroix spoke that Nick never Knew about (a tag scene to Near Death)


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