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During this year's [community profile] fkficfest I wrote a NN story called One Loss Too Many.

That storyline is now continued in the sequel One Death Too Many.

There will be a concluding third part. So stay tuned...
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Fandom Stocking 2016/2017 had only 3 people requesting FOREVER KNIGHT, including me. While it's sad to see the fandom shrinking, I managed to fulfill all FK requests this year. Although it took me until this week to do so. Hence the belated overview. I wrote:

The Road to Oblivion for [personal profile] lightbird.
G, ~1500 words, Characters: Reese, Nick, Lacroix
Summary: Nick and Reese go on a road trip to a remote town in Ontario.

Social Life for [personal profile] wendymypooh
PG-13, ~3500 words, Characters: Nick/Natalie, Schanke, Janette, Lacroix, Sydney
Summary: Natalie needs a place to stay. When Nick offers reluctantly, she gets a few unexpected glimpses into his social life.

I received:

Listen, a drabble by [personal profile] misbegotten

A Forever Knight snippet featuring Nick/Janette by [personal profile] sholio

Fever Dreams, a double drabble by [personal profile] sperrywink

a Season 1 Wallpaper by [personal profile] falcon_horus

And an amazing compilation of Nightcrawler monologues The CERK Archives by [personal profile] argentum_ls
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The 2017 edition of FKFicFest will be conducted earlier this year. Sign-ups are open through March 24.

Out of FKFicFest 2016 I was gifted with two wonderful UF stories by [personal profile] nicholas_lucien: Within the timeframe of the game I received A Shared Passion and as additional surprise I received Hidden Desire addressing the same prompt in a different way.

The prompts I received were so inspiring that I also wrote 2 stories. Within the timeframe of the game I wrote Broken Ties and later Truth or Dare.

Big kudos to moderator [personal profile] brightknightie for providing such perfect matches.
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[community profile] fkficfest is still looking for players so that we can have the exchange style game. Sign-ups are open through June 25.

While waiting for the game to start, I've used the time to complete 2 Fandom Stocking gifts:

Old Customs Reinstated
for [personal profile] brightknightie
~800 words, Nick/Janette, G
Nick shows his affection for Janette in a special way.

for [personal profile] blueteak
8700 words, Nick/Lacroix, NC17
Casefic: Nick and Tracy investigate the murder of an orchestra member.
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Sign-ups for this year's FKFicFest are open through June 14.
We need 9 participants to play an exchange game. So drop by and sign up at DW or LJ.

The more writers we get, the more new FOREVER KNIGHT stories we can all enjoy.
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I've finally completed a game-independent piece of fanfiction that I have been working on and off for several years. It's more or less a case-fic, but with very much vampiric impact.

Title: Unusual Allies
Characters: Natalie, Lacroix, Nick, Schanke, Captain Cohen, Grace
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 12,300
Summary: When vampire hunters turn up in Toronto, Natalie has to deal with two unexpected house guests.
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I've completed 2 more requests for Fandom Stocking:

Chance Discovery for [profile] bethskink
Schanke&Lacroix, PG13, 1,200 words
By chance, Schanke discovers Nick's secret – or so he thinks.

Bereaved for [personal profile] wendymypooh
Nick&Nat, PG13, 1,500 words
When Nick shoots someone in the line of duty, his reaction is unexpected.

Two more to go:
- a story featuring Nick/Janette for [personal profile] skieswideopen
- a story featuring Janette and Lacroix for [personal profile] sharpest_asp

Stay tuned.
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In 2014 I completed and posted 4 stories:

Intrusion for [personal profile] brightknightie (Fandom Stocking 2013/2014)
1,484 words, gen, PG
Nick's first visit to Schanke's home.

Sick Leave for [personal profile] carabas (Fandom Stocking 2013/2014)
783 words, Nick/Janette, PG-13
Nick is on sick leave after being shot.

Split Loyalties for [personal profile] skieswideopen (Fandom Stocking 2013/2014)
2,496 words, Nick/Janette, PG-13
Starting pre-Dark Knight, this story tells the events leading to the finale of season 1 from Janette's perspective.

How to Disappear Completely for [personal profile] twilight2000 (FKFicFest 2014)
14,401 words, Nick/Nat, PG-13
Something goes terribly wrong and Nick has to start over again.

Outlook 2015:

I've already completed 3 stories on behalf of Fandom Stocking 2014/2015:

Progress for [personal profile] brightknightie
844 words, gen, PG-13
There's a reason why Nick prefers to skip paperwork.

Reviving History for [personal profile] cousinshelley
1,386 words, Nick/Lacroix, NC-17
Nick aks for a favour. Of course there are conditions.

Ghost of a Rose for [profile] falconhorus
850 words, Fleur, PG
A tag scene to Be My Valentine (flashback and present)

I've handed out gift certificates for
[personal profile] skieswideopen: a story featuring Nick/Janette
[profile] bethskink: a story featuring Schanke & Lacroix
[personal profile] wendymypooh: a story featuring Nick/Nat
[personal profile] sharpest_asp: a story featuring Janette and Lacroix

So this is what I will work on next. If anyone wants to beta read one of those, kindly raise your hand.

And then there's my work in progress that might be finished this year, a gen story featuring Nat and Lacroix (current word count 11,500).
And I have random ideas for 3 or 4 more plots.

Stay tuned.
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FKFicFest has revealed its stories on AO3. We have 9 magnificent new Forever Knight stories this year.

I received Never What It Seems by [personal profile] lastscorpion (~2000 words, g) featuring Nick, Tracy, Vachon and Detective William Murdoch from Murdoch Mysteries in a flashback. In fact, [personal profile] lastscorpion worked two of my prompts into one story.

Promt 1: Nick & Tracy - Nick and Tracy are sent on an extended stake-out mission. Will Nick be able to hide his nature from a very observant Tracy?

Prompt 2: Nick & Detective William Murdoch (Crossover request) - When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

I wrote How to Disappear Completely (~14400 words, PG13) for [personal profile] twilight2000.

Her prompt was: Nick/Nat - What if something went terribly wrong and Nick had to start over again in, say, New Orleans – and Nat went with?

Please visit the collection and leave comments so that the authors may feel inspired to write more FK.


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