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I'm thrilled that we've got 8 requests for Forever Knight this year at [community profile] fandom_stocking.

And quite a variety of factions: I've seen UF, IB, NN, gen and more.

Stuffing is scheduled through January 5. I'll try to put something into each of these stockings, but I cannot promise that I'll be able to meet the deadline. Might end up with a placeholder and the promise of later delivery in some cases.
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[personal profile] brightknightie posted this year's schedule for [community profile] fkficfest. Sign-ups are open from May 21 through June 7. Don't miss this. FKFicFest is the only FOREVER KNIGHT only fiction game and therefore a valuable contribution to increase the pile of Forever Knight fanfiction on the web.

I've noticed an alarming decrease in my own works during the last couple of years. While I wrote the "Evidence" series, the ideas kept flowing in my head. Before writing the last sentences of one story I already had another idea for the next story in my head. This has diminished somewhat. During a recent meeting with other FK fans we've discussed this issue and tried to figure out why that is. I'm glad to report that it's not due to a lack of interest in the show. Instead I think the frequency of watching FK may be a factor. About 10 years ago I've been watching my DVDs far more frequently than nowadays. And this was probably the source of inspiration.

During our recent weekend meeting we watched 6 episodes with the result that inspiration struck and I got a new story idea. :) Now I only need to find the time to write it down.

That is why I value FKFicfest so highly. It guarantees that I get to finish at least one major story per year. Because there is no other choice than to make writing a priority during the two months assigned to the fest.
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[community profile] fandom_stocking is active again and I'm going to paticipate. My stocking is hung here.

The timeline is available here and the sign-up post is here.

Currently there are four people requesting FOREVER KNIGHT.

Come and join the fun!
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Here's an interview with Geraint Wyn Davies. He talks a lot about FOREVER KNIGHT. I was astonished that, after 20 years, he still remembers so many details about the show and what happened backstage. He also talks about his current roles in Stratford.
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[livejournal.com profile] fkficfest / [community profile] fkficfest sign-ups are open through May 17. This is the FOREVER KNIGHT-only Ficathon. Anyone who enjoys writing FK should participate. Prompts will be sent out on May 20 and stories are due on July 27. For further details visit the community on LJ or DW.

I have decided on my prompts so far, although I'm still a little uncertain about one of them. The problem is that the moment I thought about this particular prompt, a story idea came to mind. Now, should I keep the prompt to myself and write the story or should I use it in the game? Of course, I can still write the story and use the prompt in the game. It might be interesting to have the same prompt tackled by two authors. But there's always the danger that the story I have in mind is too close to the one I will receive. On the other hand, among the 3 prompts, this one is probably the least likely to get picked. But who knows...

There's still some time until sign-ups close, so I will contemplate on this a little further. If I can't think of another prompt, I will use this one.

In preparation to the game, and because I felt like it, I started to re-watch all episodes again. I'm currently in season 2, and with this season, I try out the order in which they aired during the CBS premiere instead of the production order on the DVD. I've been told it would provide a different perspective on the relationship between the characters. While I found this to be true for the relationship between Nick and Natalie and Nick and Janette, I'm not so sure how Lacroix fits into all this. I find the production order makes more sense where Lacroix is concerned. For example, I've always assumed that Capital Offense features the first Nightcrawler broadcast after Lacroix's return, however, the "aired" order would make Father's Day the first episode in which the Nightcrawler appears. Also, the "aired" order places Bad Blood later in the season while this episode is No. 4 on the DVDs. The latter makes more sense to me because of Nick's statement when he discovers Lacroix at the Raven ("a new place to hide"). He shouldn't be so surprised when he has already sought him out at CERK during Father's Day which comes earlier in the "aired" order.

Anyway, it is interesting to watch them in this order for a change.
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I rewatched Dead Issue today. And after so much time, there are still things I notice for the first time. Did anyone else recognize the Raven in the background of the first scene following the credits? Nick arrives in his car at the cime scene and it's the corner of the Raven. They just took the sign down.

On another note, I wondered if the room where the murder occurred served in season 2 as Natalie's apartment. I just noticed the two Roman columns which are also present in Natalie's apartment. However, they showed too little else from the room to be sure.
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Has anyone ever analyzed the game Nick and Schanke are playing while they wait for Denise Ford to finish her "investigation" in Dying to Know you?

While rewatching this episode, I took a closer look and froze the frame. When the scene starts, they have already 2 games completed and Schanke started on a third marking the centre position with a cross. Nick obviously has the circles.

We used to play this game in school when lessons were boring. If I recall correctly, both players take turns marking a box in a 3 x 3 square, while trying to achieve 3 marks in a row or diagonal.

I noticed that the 2 completed games both ended in a tie. What does that say about Nick and Schanke in this early stage of their partnership? The game is a strategy game. We know that Nick is well trained in these since we've seen him playing chess in addition to living in close proximity with a Roman General.

But what about Schanke? The fact that Nick didn't win shows that Schanke is at least as efficient in strategy games. As a detective he probably has to be. Yet, I find it amazing compared to Nick's experience. Or did Nick refrain from winning on purpose?

Any thoughts on the matter?
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It saddened me to read that the cozy bookstore "Nicholas Hoare" located on Front Street, Toronto, is going to close on April 1. It served as location in "Stranger than Fiction" where Emily Weiss had her book signing.
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Welcome to my DW account! I should probably seize the opportunity and talk a little about what you may expect in this journal.

I'm an avid fan of the Canadian TV series Forever Knight and anything associated with it.

I also enjoy Star Trek, Star Wars, Vampire Diaries, Highlander, X-Files, Murdoch Mysteries and several more, but Forever Knight is the one fandom I'm actively participating in, i.e. writing fan fiction.

You can read my contributions on AO3 or my website. Feedback is always appreciated.

So, what will appear here is mostly Forever Knight-related, but there may also be theatre reviews, DVD discussions, or whatever else I deem worth sharing.

I will cross-post to livejournal from now on, which has provided a home to my journal so far. For previous posts, check out [livejournal.com profile] pj1228.

I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts with the world.
Stay tuned.


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