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Geraint Wyn Davies is currently on stage in Liv Stein at the Bluma Apple Theatre, Toronto. The German play by Nino Haratischwili about a world-class concert pianist who gives up her career after her son's death had its English-language premiere last week, runs through Feb 12.

Nigel Bennett is currently on stage in The Audience at the Royal Alexandra Theatre, Toronto. The play about the Queen and her prime ministers runs through Feb 26. Nigel plays PM Harold Wilson.


Nigel can currently be seen in 3D in the movie xXx3 - The Return of Xander Cage.
I've seen it last night, in 3D, but only in German. It's a brief appearance, but it's nice to see him on the big screen.
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I saw my first 3D movie this week. So far, I've avoided 3D because I wasn't sure if it would work with my eyes and if my stomach would agree with it.

However, Doctor Strange didn't leave me a choice. The 2D version was available only in the German dubbed version, and I definitely wanted to see it in English because of Benedict Cumberbatch's wonderful voice. So I went last night, put my contact lenses in and got one of these glasses.

I loved the movie. The 3D technique is fascinating, but also distracting. It took some time getting used to. Some things just looked computer-generated which of course they were, but in 2D it's not that obvious. And sometimes I was close to getting sick.

Overall, I still prefer 2D. However, there are a couple of upcoming movies that I wish to see, so I might watch the 3D version again if no 2D is available.

Upcoming movies I want to see are:
Fantastic Beasts
Rogue One
xXx (Nigel Bennett has a part in this one. Might be thrilling to see him in 3D :))


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