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Great start into 2016: Nigel Bennett has been nominated for the ACTRA Award in the category Outstanding Performance for his superb portrayal as Chief Constable Giles in the Murdoch Mysteries episode What Lies Buried.
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After the excellent season premiere follows another highlight: William Shatner guest stars as Mark Twain in the next episode of Murdoch Mysteries. One just has to love this show.

Here's a preview.
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Nigel Bennett appears again in tonight's season 9 premiere of Murdoch Mysteries.
Here's a nice preview.
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Nigel Bennett will be returning as Chief Constable Giles in the next episode of Murdoch Mysteries, airing Monday at 8 p.m. on CBC.

Check out the sneak peek:

Update: This episode was brilliant!!! Excellent writing and superb acting.

CBC offers an interesting Behind the scenes video. Might also be useful for FK flashbacks as it shows the historic Toronto of 1902.
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FKFicFest has revealed its stories on AO3. We have 9 magnificent new Forever Knight stories this year.

I received Never What It Seems by [personal profile] lastscorpion (~2000 words, g) featuring Nick, Tracy, Vachon and Detective William Murdoch from Murdoch Mysteries in a flashback. In fact, [personal profile] lastscorpion worked two of my prompts into one story.

Promt 1: Nick & Tracy - Nick and Tracy are sent on an extended stake-out mission. Will Nick be able to hide his nature from a very observant Tracy?

Prompt 2: Nick & Detective William Murdoch (Crossover request) - When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

I wrote How to Disappear Completely (~14400 words, PG13) for [personal profile] twilight2000.

Her prompt was: Nick/Nat - What if something went terribly wrong and Nick had to start over again in, say, New Orleans – and Nat went with?

Please visit the collection and leave comments so that the authors may feel inspired to write more FK.
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Season 6 of Murdoch Mysteries started airing on CBC last night. This season has a lot to look forward to because both, Nigel Bennett and Geraint Wyn Davies will reprise their roles as Chief Constable Giles and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, respectively. I don't know yet if they will appear in the same episode though.

Some background information on the show and Yannick Bisson has been published here and here.


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