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Oct. 3rd, 2017 04:35 pm
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After completing his much applauded performances at this year's season in Stratford, Nigel Bennett will be on stage at Theatre Aquarius in Hamilton, Ontario, in Norm Foster's "On A First Name Basis" from Oct 25 to Nov 11. Nigel plays David Kilbride, a successful, but cantankerous, novelist who suddenly discovers that he knows nothing about his maid of 28 years, while she knows absolutely everything about him.

Source: Hamilton Spectator


On the big screen, Nigel can be seen in "The Shape of Water" which comes to North American cinemas in December and to German cinemas in February. It's a love story between the mute Eliza and a creature held captive in a high-security government facility. The movie screened at the Toronto International Film Festival and won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.
There's a glimpse of Nigel in the trailer. According to IMDB, John Kapelos is also in the cast.


Nigel has been nominated for the newly established Winnipeg Theatre Awards in the category Outstanding Supporting Actor for his role as Prime Minister Wilson in "The Audience". The play made a successful run in Winnipeg before moving to Toronto. The winners will be announced on Nov 12.

Source: Winnipeg Free Press
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During this year's [community profile] fkficfest I wrote a NN story called One Loss Too Many.

That storyline is now continued in the sequel One Death Too Many.

There will be a concluding third part. So stay tuned...
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Both, Geraint and Nigel are currently on stage in Stratford, Ontario, and received excellent reviews.

Geraint Wyn Davies plays Sir Toby Belch in Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare and Sir Peter Teazle in The School for Scandal by Richard Brinsley Sheridan.

A collection of reviews is available here for Twelfth Night and The School for Scandal. The Globe and Mail wrote about School for Scandal that Ger gives one of his most charmingly permeable performances ever.

(Some links are wrong, but if you type the play's name into the newspaper's search box, you'll get there)

Nigel Bennett plays Kadmos in what has been called a jawdropping production of Bakkhai by Euripides and Ted in the novel mystery thriller The Virgin Trial by Kate Hennig. The character he portraits in the latter has been described as deliciously devious...

A collection of reviews is available here for Bakkhai and The Virgin Trial.

Other FK alumni currently appearing at the Stratford Festival are Lucy Peacock (The Human Factor) in Twelfth Night and Bakkhai and Joseph Ziegler (The Code) in Timon of Athens and The School for Scandal.
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[community profile] fkficfest has generated 10 new FK stories.

I received Feint of Heart by [personal profile] waltd, a missing scene that sheds some light on Killer Instinct.

My contribution this year was One Loss Too Many, a Dark NN story with possible sequels.
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Fandom Stocking 2016/2017 had only 3 people requesting FOREVER KNIGHT, including me. While it's sad to see the fandom shrinking, I managed to fulfill all FK requests this year. Although it took me until this week to do so. Hence the belated overview. I wrote:

The Road to Oblivion for [personal profile] lightbird.
G, ~1500 words, Characters: Reese, Nick, Lacroix
Summary: Nick and Reese go on a road trip to a remote town in Ontario.

Social Life for [personal profile] wendymypooh
PG-13, ~3500 words, Characters: Nick/Natalie, Schanke, Janette, Lacroix, Sydney
Summary: Natalie needs a place to stay. When Nick offers reluctantly, she gets a few unexpected glimpses into his social life.

I received:

Listen, a drabble by [personal profile] misbegotten

A Forever Knight snippet featuring Nick/Janette by [personal profile] sholio

Fever Dreams, a double drabble by [personal profile] sperrywink

a Season 1 Wallpaper by [personal profile] falcon_horus

And an amazing compilation of Nightcrawler monologues The CERK Archives by [personal profile] argentum_ls
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The 2017 edition of FKFicFest will be conducted earlier this year. Sign-ups are open through March 24.

Out of FKFicFest 2016 I was gifted with two wonderful UF stories by [personal profile] nicholas_lucien: Within the timeframe of the game I received A Shared Passion and as additional surprise I received Hidden Desire addressing the same prompt in a different way.

The prompts I received were so inspiring that I also wrote 2 stories. Within the timeframe of the game I wrote Broken Ties and later Truth or Dare.

Big kudos to moderator [personal profile] brightknightie for providing such perfect matches.
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Sadly, FK alumni Richard McMillan passed away last Sunday after a battle with cancer. He played Brother Matthew in the flashback of first season's Dying to Know You and Lindley in second season's Can't Run, Can't Hide.

A detailed orbituary can be found here.
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Geraint Wyn Davies is currently on stage in Liv Stein at the Bluma Apple Theatre, Toronto. The German play by Nino Haratischwili about a world-class concert pianist who gives up her career after her son's death had its English-language premiere last week, runs through Feb 12.

Nigel Bennett is currently on stage in The Audience at the Royal Alexandra Theatre, Toronto. The play about the Queen and her prime ministers runs through Feb 26. Nigel plays PM Harold Wilson.


Nigel can currently be seen in 3D in the movie xXx3 - The Return of Xander Cage.
I've seen it last night, in 3D, but only in German. It's a brief appearance, but it's nice to see him on the big screen.
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Sign-ups for [community profile] fandom_stocking are open through December, 14! I've decided to join again, although I'm aware that I'll probably end up with distributing story promises again which I won't be able to fulfill due to lack of time. Yet, it's fun to receive all the holiday greetings and fannish stuff. And maybe there are prompts which strike instant inspiration so that I might come up with a story after all.

The sign-up post is here.

I've also updated my Dear Author Letter by adding Lucifer, for which I've recently discovered a passion.
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I saw my first 3D movie this week. So far, I've avoided 3D because I wasn't sure if it would work with my eyes and if my stomach would agree with it.

However, Doctor Strange didn't leave me a choice. The 2D version was available only in the German dubbed version, and I definitely wanted to see it in English because of Benedict Cumberbatch's wonderful voice. So I went last night, put my contact lenses in and got one of these glasses.

I loved the movie. The 3D technique is fascinating, but also distracting. It took some time getting used to. Some things just looked computer-generated which of course they were, but in 2D it's not that obvious. And sometimes I was close to getting sick.

Overall, I still prefer 2D. However, there are a couple of upcoming movies that I wish to see, so I might watch the 3D version again if no 2D is available.

Upcoming movies I want to see are:
Fantastic Beasts
Rogue One
xXx (Nigel Bennett has a part in this one. Might be thrilling to see him in 3D :))
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Geraint Wyn Davies

Geraint is currently appearing at the Stratford Festival in "Breath of Kings: Rebellion" and "Breath of Kings: Redemption". The 2 plays are a new destillation of Shakespeare's 4 history plays "Richard II", Henry IV - Part 1", Henry IV - Part 2", and "Henry V". Geraint plays Sir John Falstaff, Captain Fluellen, and the Old Gardener.

Here's a trailer:

Both plays run through September 24.

Nigel Bennett

Nigel stars in the comedy/farce "Something Fishy" at the Lighthouse Festival Theatre.
June 29-July 16, 2016 Lighthouse Fesival Theatre, Port Dover, ON
July 20-24, 2016 Showboat Festival Theatre, Port Colborne, ON

Here's a nice article about him.

Joseph Ziegler

Joseph Ziegler appears in 3 plays at the Stratford Festival, Ontario:
- Macbeth (by William Shakespeare): Duncan
- All My Sons (by Arthur Miller): Joe Keller
- John Gabriel Borkman (by Henrik Ibsen): Vilhalm Foldal

Lucy Peacock

Lucy Peacock appears in 2 plays at the Stratford Festival, Ontario:
- All My Sons (by Arthur Miller): Kate Keller
- John Gabriel Borkman (by Henrik Ibsen): Gunhild Borkman
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[community profile] fkficfest is still looking for players so that we can have the exchange style game. Sign-ups are open through June 25.

While waiting for the game to start, I've used the time to complete 2 Fandom Stocking gifts:

Old Customs Reinstated
for [personal profile] brightknightie
~800 words, Nick/Janette, G
Nick shows his affection for Janette in a special way.

for [personal profile] blueteak
8700 words, Nick/Lacroix, NC17
Casefic: Nick and Tracy investigate the murder of an orchestra member.
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Sign-ups for the annual [community profile] fkficfest are open through June 25.
The procedure of the game is the same as last year, except that we now have 3 months to write.
Details and location for sign-up is here.

Come and participate! The more players, the more FOREVER KNIGHT stories we will get.
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Great start into 2016: Nigel Bennett has been nominated for the ACTRA Award in the category Outstanding Performance for his superb portrayal as Chief Constable Giles in the Murdoch Mysteries episode What Lies Buried.
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2015 started well with a flurry of brief stories for Fandom Stocking. Then I finished a longer story which I had been writing for the past 5 years. Another longer story resulted from the 2015 FKFicFest. 7 stories in total:

Progress for Brightknightie (844 words, Nick, Tracy)

Reviving History for Cousin Shelley (1386 words, Nick/Lacroix)

Ghost of a Rose for Falcon Horus (848 words, Fleur)

Chance Discovery for Bethskink (1224 words, Schanke, Lacroix/Nick)

Bereaved for Wendymypooh (1486 words, Nick/Nat)

Unusual Allies just for me (12,292 words, Nat, Lacroix, Nick)

A Dozen in a Single Night for Dlyt (8,444 words, Nick, Lacroix, Janette)
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After the excellent season premiere follows another highlight: William Shatner guest stars as Mark Twain in the next episode of Murdoch Mysteries. One just has to love this show.

Here's a preview.
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Nigel Bennett appears again in tonight's season 9 premiere of Murdoch Mysteries.
Here's a nice preview.
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Nigel has a brief appearance in The Strain (season 2, episode 2). He plays an antique dealer in a flashback to 1965 Vienna and speaks with a perfect German accent which made me smile and wonder if that is what my English sounds like. :)
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Nigel Bennett appears in Season 3, Episode 9 of Orphan Black, which aired last Saturday.
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Sign-ups for this year's FKFicFest are open through June 14.
We need 9 participants to play an exchange game. So drop by and sign up at DW or LJ.

The more writers we get, the more new FOREVER KNIGHT stories we can all enjoy.


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